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With the mesmerizing footage of Real Madrid's bus ride past the Cibeles Fountain, there is the trepidation of a disaster waiting to happen. Of course, any time a trophy and Sergio Ramos are in the same vicinity, that's a definite possibility.

However, I speak of the future of La Liga, and especially for the defeated champions, Barcelona. What happens now? Barcelona was strengthened by Real Madrid's unending challenge, but now that the merengues have claimed the crown can the blaugrana do the same, or has their magical system been exposed for all to see. Read more about End of an Era or Bump in the Road?

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Spain's success in Europe might be the eventual undoing of La Liga. Real Madrid and Barcelona are always expected to do well in European competition. However the performance of Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao has come as a pleasant surprise. Read more about Will the Reign of Spain be in Vain?

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While Major League Soccer just kicked off its 17th season, something more important might have slipped past many soccer fans. US under-23 coach Caleb Porter announced his 20-man squad for the CONCACAF qualifying tournament which gets underway next week.

MLS has grown to 19 teams and has brought in a considerable number of quality players and has welcomed media giant NBC to the broadcast family. That's all good for the current status of the sport. However, the future of US soccer will be on display with the u-23 team as they try to complete the march towards London 2012. Read more about Too Big A Gamble For Porter?

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Another piece of history has slipped away. Harry Keough, the father of my former broadcasting partner and friend, Ty Keough, has died. Read more about Don't Forget The Past. Honor It.

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Has el Clasico lost its magic? Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas said that the rivalry with Barcelona was getting 'decaffeinated' after all of the super showdowns over the past year.

However, judging by the way Casillas and company reacted during, and after their heart-breaking, cup-eliminating draw last Wednesday there is still plenty of raw emotion remaining. Read more about The Caffeine-Free Clasico?

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While it's obvious that something is still missing from Jürgen Klinsmann's new-look national team, and doing a little mental flossing in the process, I started thinking of looking at some new faces. In the spirit of Cap-Him-Now, what follows is a starting eleven comprised only of players who have yet to be capped by the senior US men's national team. That means players like Sean Johnson, Geoff Cameron and Anthony Wallace are out of the running as they've all been capped once. Same with the twice-capped Omar Gonzalez.
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A few days ago, before the loss to Ecuador, I took a look at Jürgen Klinsmann's player choices. Against the South Americans, Klinsman gave his bench a chance. It didn't work out, but it did shine the light on a few more players in the picture for Brazil 2014. Some looked good with the added attention. Others probably wish their glaring mistakes weren't so visible.
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We are four games and one win into the Klinsmann-era at ÜS Soccer, but what have we learned about the new-look team? For one, it's obvious that Klinsmann likes to see his players be more creative on the ball and maintain possession. That doesn't always happen, but it appears Klinsmann's actions are matching his words when it comes to making the style more attractive.
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While MLS wraps up its current season, the continuing development of soccer academies is heating up. Recently, I’ve been getting into a few arguments, let’s call them spirited discussions, about the role of the new academy system in the US soccer landscape. The recent decision by the Portland Timbers to look into joining other Major League Soccer teams in establishing an academy is apparently raising some hackles in Oregon’s high school soccer community. This is similar to concerns raised by many established clubs in other markets when MLS teams began to get serious about youth development.