Real Madrid VS. Getafe!

Date: 22-04-2009 / Author: Anonymous (no verificado) /

Phill shoen said all the games will be shown from now on. Thanks Gol Tv

Real Madrid
Anonymous (no verificado) / Jue, 2009-04-23 13:41

If you have a computer, you can watch the la liga games and other sporting events at You might have to download a program or can select other channel that don't need to be downloaded to watch games. I have internet access and I watch goltv games on the net, but when goltv decides not to show the more important games I go the that website and watch the madrid and barcelona games live. Its just another way to watch the games. One thing to remember is that the channels could be in foreign language. I hope this help you out. Maybe I should pass this info to other soccer fans.

I feel your pain.

Anonymous (no verificado) / Lun, 2009-04-27 11:04

yes, thanks man,, also is another great website to watch the matches on. Yet GolTv is the best out of all, i mean watching the game on TV is much better.
Lets hope they will be true to their word and have el clasico live,, and hoepfully Madrid can come away with a victory to be only 1 point away from barca. Then Win La Liga.